Divinaeart Italian pottery

Earth, air, fire and water. In ancient times, these were the four elements of which the world was made of. For Salvatore Cardamone, a painter of ceramics known by the artist name SAL ART, is this the essence of the project DIVINAE ART. The techniques, equipment and materials from the ancient tradition of ceramics from Vietri sul Mare reviewed in a new light. The Earth is very popular with the composition of his creations. The sky is the Amalfi coast, the “DIVINAE Coast”, defined by the American writer Gore Vidal as ” The most beautiful place ever seen in the world”, were SAL ART has chosen to settle himself and his studio. The sea is what every artist who lives and works in the Amalfi coast can not get out of his eyes and whats ends up as the hallmark of his works, in the form of the reflected light. The fire – as a mystery and inspiration along with the heat of the oven that bakes the modeled earth – is the last element that creates and completes his work.


Sal Art paints on ceramics after years of research and experimentation in various workshops in the Amalfi Coast, specializing himself in the creation of religious paintings inspired by classic works from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but personalized. At the same time the landscapes of the Amalfi Coast from the Divinae ART project entered the scene, captured through the use of unusual colors that counterbalance in a masterful display of light and shadow. A very personal approach were currently nothing similar can be found in the local supply of ceramic art in theDivinea” coast.A very personal approach of which currently nothing similar exists in the local supply of the ceramic art of the “Divinea” coast.

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